Yuyu Yang
 Art Collection

The following pieces represent the
Art Collection:

15  Stainless Steel Sc
Including two
        Monumental Pieces:

"East-West Gate" 


      "Universe & Life"
        3 Pieces 17 ft in height


 4    Bronze Sculpture

      Including one
         Monumental Bronze Work:

      6 ft high x 9 ft wide

19  Original works on

      Canvas & Muslin

33  Original Serigraph Editions 





The Yuyu Yang collection includes stainless steel and bronze sculpture, original works on canvas and muslin, original serigraphs and prints that represent the many years of his life.  These serigraphs were all produced in 1994 and 1995 at SOMA Fine Art in San Francisco and have never been seen or offered for sale to the public at large.



A wealth of videos, photographs, books, and other materials offer display history and provide authentication of his work.

This collection provides an overview of 60 years of the embodiment of an artists life and work.   To assemble this much of one man's life's work would be almost impossible today.


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